Apra Sinha

I will definitely recommend Penfriend to my friends and colleagues. The best thing about them is that they are very prompt in replying to any query I had. The quality of service is excellent. I really feel nowhere in India you can find any such excellent research consultancy firm which provides such quality services at such a reasonable fee . Perfection and promptness define Penfriend truely. Thanks Penfriend for being my mentor and a true friend.

Debi Prasad

I am very much happy about the service provided by Pen friend. I have corrected some of my papers for proofreading and also recently did for my PhD. thesis. As there are deadline for submit and this team done a great job and return back all of my chapters before time. I am glad to say this service to my friends and also send my manuscripts in future course of time.

Deepak Subba

Work is quite satisfactory and appreciable.Your charges are reasonable.Looking forward to get services from you and would refer others also.I really appreciate your punctuality regarding work.Thank you for completing my work on time.

Dhaneswar Bishi

I knew the difference when I contacted Penfriend, first time. Penfriend is really a worthy name for this friendly editorial house. They are friend of writers pen. They have edited & formatted my first work with an economic service fee. I was surprised to find such a friendly, understanding, smarter editorial company in our country. I say from my experience that some companies ignore our email or query & they replies after weeks. Even some forget our query and never respond that hurt a writer heart. Contact Penfriend and feel the difference. Time is a valuable thing for everyone and Pen Friend knows it better than others.

Dr. Ajaya Kumar Panda

As an author, I feel gifted to find Pen freind as my copy editor. She took my work and helped me transform it into a product that I could feel good about. My first draft was fragmented and hard to read. Her suggestions allowed me to correct this aspect of the writing in a way that was easy to understand and accept without changing the meaning. She is truly a word artist as well as a teacher that I would characterize as an essential part of my evolution as a writer.

Jyoti Pandey

It was really an amazing experience with Pen friend. It provided high quality services economically with meeting the deadlines. I am very happy to have Pen Friend to help me in editing my dissertation draft. I highly recommend Pen Friend to those who want their drafts to be flawless.

Rajiv Ranjan

Penfriend publications is a very innovative startup, one of its own kind and the first in India I believe. I took editorial services for my PhD dissertation and found the service to be really good and prompt. Within 7 days around 80,000 words long document was completely edited. The editor Ms. Tanaya Saha kept me on my toes.That is what editors are know for right! The work is very professional and I would highly recommend Penfriend to anyone who would like to avail editorial services for their written manuscripts. Last but very important , the pricing is also reasonable and best in industry. Best wishes for future.

Shrihari Sohani

Excellent copy editing service provided by Pen Friend. It is comparable to copy editing services provided by established international publication houses. I have no hesitation in recommending Pen Friend to both Indian and international scholars.

Tuhin Sengupta

Excellent copy editing service provided by Pen Friend. Both my accepted Ivey Publishing cases was copyedited by Pen Friend. I will definitely recommend Penfriend to my friends and colleagues. They are very prompt in adhering to the requested timeline. I wish them all the very best for their future endeavors.

Vikas Kumar

I have had a very wonderful and memorable experience with Pen friend. I personally found that services offered by this group are very economic and effective. I have had many manuscripts edited by penfriend and found the service very satisfactory. So I would like to wish this team all the best for their future endeavors.

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